Kara David’s I-Witness Documentary

Airing Monday: December 15, 2008


Kara David serves as house parent to the children of Elsie Gaches Village in this Monday’s I-Witness documentary.


In the home, there is no age limit to being a kid. Even a 60-year-old can be considered a child.  For several decades, the institution has been a shelter for abandoned and neglected children suffering from cerebral palsy, retardation, autism, epilepsy or loss of hearing.


To understand the situation of government shelters providing mental health care, Kara David comes to Elsie Gaches to work.  As house mother, she has to bathe, feed and brush the teeth of these children. 


It turns out to be more difficult than she expects.  A 15-year-old kid jumps on her back and rides her like a horse.  Another patient gets a seizure in the midst of her watch.  But Kara says, the real hardship for her is trying to understand their having been abandoned by their own parents.


The institution allows the childrens’ faces to be shown onscreen in the hopes their families will see them . and consider taking  them home this Christmas.







I-Witness ni Kara David

Ngayong Lunes: Ika-15 ng Disyembre 2008


Isang makabagbagdamdaming imersyon ang papasukin ni Kara David ngayong Lunes sa I-Witness.


Sa Elsie Gaches Village, walang limitasyon ang edad ng isang “bata” – kahit 60-anyos na pasyente, “bata” pa rin kung tawagin.  Ilang dekada na itong kumukupkop ng mga iniwan ng kanilang mahihirap na magulang dahil meron silang cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, epilepsy o problema sa pandinig.


Tatayo si Kara David na house parent sa Elsie Gaches. Dito, susubukan niyang magpakain, magpaligo at magtoothbrush ng mga “bata”. Ito ay para lubusan niyang malaman ang sitwasyon ng government shelters para sa mental health care.


Kakaiba ang kanyang magiging karanasan – sasakyan siya sa likod at paglalaruan ng isang 15-year-old. Aabutan niya ang epileptic seizure ng isang pasyente. Ngunit ayon kay Kara, ang tunay na hirap ay ang iwan ka ng iyong mga magulang sa ganung kalagayan.


Kaya sa dokyung ito, pagkakataon ng mga bata na makita ng kanilang mga kamag-anak sa telebisyon. Umaasang may dumalaw o mag-uwi man lang sa kanila ngayong darating na Pasko.   




  1. roleal said,

    December 15, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    I watch this documentaries on t.v and i was touch the way Ms. Kara David handle the situation. It was a very good documentary, she touch the main roots of why this children tend to act in different ways – abandonment -. Congratulations Kara David – this will be one of your nominees soon both national and international awards. Keep up the good work Kara. You deserve to be called a truly JOURNALIST.

  2. Edwin said,

    March 6, 2009 at 9:01 am

    Kara, you deserve all the awards and accolades that you have thus far received. I always watch your programs — they are soul food for all Filipinos. Really full of substance. You are one good human being. May your tribe increase!

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